Garbage Pickers


garbage can I guess what they say is true; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Some of the stuff available on E-bay is frightening. Did you know you can buy poop? It’s a novelty, prank item. But, that’s still pretty weird. “Hey honey, I found a great deal on some poop today on E-bay!”

What about garage sales? We actually barter over what another person considers junk. I’m right there too, I LOVE garage sales. But, it’s funny how upset we get when we realize what we have purchased actually is crap. Often we wind up with something that’s too small, something with a hole or a stain or something that just plain doesn’t work at all. Why is this a shock? You paid 50 cents for it! I get pissed when people lie right to my face though. The common standard is “Yes, it works great! We just got a new one.” Now, maybe it did work great the last time they tried OR maybe their pants are on fire. Speaking of fires, one time I bought a mixer at a garage sale. I went to use it a few days later and it burst into flames. Yep, works great!

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