V-day Don’ts


vday gift With Valentine’s Day coming up (yes, it is THIS Saturday guys), I thought we should talk about gifts. Many sites will tell you what you should buy but, here’s a helpful guide to what you should NOT buy for your wife/girlfriend. Unless you enjoy sleeping on the couch or in the garage…

Gift Cards- Nothing says impersonal like a gift card. I know what you are thinking: But, then she can get what she wants. Yes, but the point is, she expects you to KNOW what she wants and purchase that.

Clothes- This is a no-win situation. Somehow you will be implying that she is fat no matter what size you get. Just don’t do it.

Appliances- We don’t want to be reminded of our cooking and cleaning duties. That is in NO way romantic.

Car Stuff- We aren’t interested. And again, it’s not romantic. We know it is your way of taking care of us but do it another time, not on Valentine’s Day.

Stuff You Want- You aren’t going to fool us. We know you bought that new Playstation 4 so YOU can play it. Then, you thought you could convince us that we really want it.

Homemade Coupon Books- We don’t want a free sex coupon (isn’t that available anytime?). Even if it is labeled as a free backrub, footrub, etc., we know what you mean.

Nothing- Don’t come home empty handed. That is absolutely unacceptable. I know how it is, times are tough. It doesn’t have to be something big, it just needs to be something to let her know you care and you appreciate her.

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