Kitchen Chaos


STOCK SHOP, Dirty Dishes There are three little words said to a woman that can melt her heart. On the other hand, there are three words she can hear that will make her cringe, “I’ll cook dinner.” It’s not that we don’t appreciate the gesture, we really do. We just know what lies ahead for us. When you let a man in the kitchen, a tornado might as well have hit it. In the preparation of the meal, they somehow manage to use every spice available, every type of sauce from the fridge and absolutely every dish in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, the meal will actually be pretty delicious. But, the aftermath leaves us with counters we can no longer see, every cupboard door open, spots and grub all over the floor, and a sink piled high with pots, silverware, cups and bowls. So, although it is a much needed night off from cooking, it will most definitely not be a night off from cleaning. Why won’t men tackle the tower of pots in the sink? Well, they claim the dishes are “soaking”. If we don’t do something about it, the dishes will “soak” all week long.

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