The Great Gamers


fb game requests It’s amusing how crazed people can get over game requests on Facebook. People are vulgar and get their panties all in a bunch. I play a couple of games but don’t have the time to become a full blown gamer (or I probably would :)). I know game requests can be annoying. But, so is stupidity and we all tolerate those statuses. The people who hate games also seem to be the people who claim to be bored all of the time. You might consider becoming a farmer or a candy crusher. It may add a little excitement to your day. In the defense of gamers, we often don’t send the game requests. The games do that automatically. I change the settings to not send requests but, each time the game updates, the settings reset. For those of you who feel you just can’t take it, did you know you can stop game requests?? Here’s how: Click on the arrow at the top right hand of your screen. Click on settings. Click on Blocking. From there you can block app invites or block apps. Alternatively, you can also click on the X in the corner of the latest request you have received from a friend. Then choose: ignore all invites from this friend. Now, don’t you feel better? It will be ok. For those of you still gaming, how about helping out on my farm already??

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