Another Store, Another Crappy Experience


D- Surprise! Wal-Mart didn’t make my list today! But, Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michaels have. I visited both yesterday looking for some craft items I needed to finish a project for an article I have been working on. As luck would have it, my daughter fell asleep right before I got there so I am packing dead weight around with me. Admittedly, I probably didn’t start off in a great mood. It got worse.

There are no carts when I arrive at Jo-Ann’s so I proceed to search the aisles with my arm ready to break off from carrying my daughter. I am NOT here to browse so, I gladly accept help when an employee asks me if I need it. I reply “Yes, I am looking for leather.” She gives me a look of curiosity and says “Leather??” like it was unheard of. I said “Yes, leather.” (I am just trying to make a drum, nothing kinky is going on). She stares at me again and says “All we have is over there.” as she points to what I guess is West. Of course all they have are very small patches that won’t work for what I need and cost $12.99 each. Great, now I will have to drive across town to another craft store. I get to the counter and the clerk asks me “Did you find everything you need?” I said “No, but I guess I found everything you have.” The other clerk asked what I didn’t find. I said “leather pieces.” Again, with the dirty look. Not once did any of these people offer an alternative to where I could find some. Ok, moving on.

I get to Michaels and I am still packing the kid so I decide to just ask at the front if they have what I need. I ask the 19 yr. old clerk if they have leather. She looks up and says “Do you SEE that sign that says woodworking?” I say “Yes, but I assumed that was you know, wood.” She replies “Well, it’s back along that wall somewhere. What do you need it for, leatherwork?” No, I thought I would use it to frost a cake. I finally find what I need and have to wait in a long line to pay the same girl for my stuff. She stares at the load I am packing and asks “Does she get heavy?” Nope, not at all. I was hoping to stand in line for another 20 minutes or until my arm falls off. I love clueless kids. The crappy customer service continues…

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