Race To The Finish Line


crazy driver There seems to be two kinds of drivers who insist on cutting you off and pulling out right in front of you. The first kind of driver will put the pedal to the metal like they are starting out in the Indy 500. They fly in front of you to the point where you are forced to slam on your brakes. You’re thinking they must really have someplace they need to be. Nope. Once they get into position right in front of you, they slow down to a crawl. If you aren’t going to move, why couldn’t you wait for me to pass??

The second kind of driver will also cut you off but is too dumb to realize that there is no place to go. So, they keep switching lanes, veering in and out of traffic, pissing everybody off and eventually ending up at the same red light right along with the rest of us. It’s like that driving scene from Meet The Parents. Do they now feel better that they are 12 feet ahead of me? You win pal. What a victory.

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