10 Facebook Statuses You Should Retire


facebook eyeroll Only YOU can prevent annoying Facebook statuses! We have all made one or two of these mistakes but, let’s stop making our friends roll their eyes…

1. “It’s Laundry Day!” Stop with the mundane chore list. We all have errands to run and we all cook and clean. So is life.

2. “My BF is just the sweetest thing ever!” Ok, you’re happy and in love. No need to rub the rest of our faces in it. Gross.

3. “I ran 3 miles today!” We know. You did it yesterday too and the day before. We saw those posts also. We get it. You’re in shape.

4. “Share this status and you could win a $500 gift card!” Stop with the chain letters. Nobody is winning anything.

5. “I’m cleaning up my friends list!” Alright, just do it. If we aren’t friends anymore, I think I will figure out what happened.

6. “I’m so bored!” Great, now I am too. Instead of being bored, take a few minutes to come up with a more interesting status update.

7. “My period is 3 days late!” Too much information just makes us all feel awkward. Keep those thoughts to yourself or close friends.

8. “I guess it’s over!” What is over?? Your life, your marriage, a riveting episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Finish your thought. Otherwise, it’s like one of those personalized license plates we don’t get.

9. “You’re such a liar! You know who you are!” They might, but we don’t. Private conversations should remain just that. Send them a message directly.

10. “Here’s a picture of my new dog!” Cool, it’s cute. 10 minutes later, another picture and then another and then another…Just post all 350 pictures of that mutt at one time.

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