Everyone’s A Critic


critic anger I knew the day would come when someone would have a problem with my writing. I just thought it would be about something I wrote that was ACTUALLY offensive. Recently, I was attacked for writing an article about couples on Valentine’s Day. I guess I had it coming, what WAS I thinking???

This person is pissed because she says Valentine’s Day is about more than just couples. Ok, but that was the focus of this article and I figured people know they are single. Do I need to point that out? When you realize you are not interested in an article (or, it doesn’t pertain to you), can’t you click that big X over in the top right corner of the page? After all, I am writing this shit for free. Take it or leave it.

The reader commented that it wasn’t a “real” story. Well you aren’t even a “real” person. No profile pic and some ridiculous online handle. It’s easy to talk big when you can remain completely anonymous. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, there was a more constructive way to express it. Thanks for peeing in my Cheerios.

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