Say What?


stick kids I love the stuff kids say. The other day I noticed the baby was chewing on something. I asked my older daughter “What is she eating?” She said “Oh, it’s just a cheez-it.” “Ok.” I said “Were you eating those today?” She replies nonchalantly “No, I had them a few days ago. She must have found it on the floor.” I guess a bit of dirt never hurt anyone. One time, I took my daughter to meet a professor of mine and the professor asked her if she liked her teacher. She replied “Yes, but she’s old like you.” Amazingly, I still got an A in that class. On Christmas when my daughter was 4 or 5 years old we went to my parents house to open presents. She opened up a doll that was supposed to walk and talk but it needed batteries. She threw it off to the side and my mother asked her “Don’t you like it?” She said “Well, the damn thing doesn’t work!” Note to self: put the batteries in the toy before you wrap it. This year when I asked my daughter if she wanted to be in the choir again at school she said “No, I like to keep my Tuesday afternoons free.” For what? She was 9 years old at the time. These kids definitely keep me laughing. What are some funny things your kids have said?

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