Munchkins on the Runway


dirty kid Have you heard about this little girl from Russia that has been named “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”? She is 9 years old. She is known as the world’s youngest supermodel and has been modeling since she was 4 years old. Am I the only one who thinks this is nuts? I can’t even imagine turning my daughter into a supermodel. Not that she isn’t beautiful, she is. But, at 4 years old, she was wearing a Dora the Explorer t-shirt, SpongeBob shorts, two different shoes, plastic bracelets and was covered in popsicle juice and pudding remnants. You know, like a normal little girl.

This mini model has almost 3 million likes on her Facebook page. Even Cindy Crawford has just over a million. What kind of pressure is that? Her mom has said she won’t let anyone bash her daughter on social media. Ok, but jerks are everywhere. Maybe you can block them from social media, but how do you block them from real life?

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