Any Questions?


pink question mark Don’t you hate how people ask stupid questions ALL of the time? Think before you speak! “Can I ask you a question?” But, they don’t wait for an answer, they just start right in. How can we say no when somebody asks us that without being perceived as a total asshole? Sometimes, the answer is no! “Do you have the time?” No, actually I don’t have time to tell you the time. It’s not my fault you don’t own a watch or haven’t gotten on board with the rest of the world and purchased a phone. Figure it out, you’re not 3 years old. “Has the bus come yet?” Yes, it has. I however decided to keep standing here in the cold and wait for the next one so I wouldn’t miss this thrilling conversation with you. If you have to ask someone “Did that hurt?” odds are, it probably did. “Do you need some help with that?” Not at all. I love moving fridges by myself. It’s no problem. “Were you sleeping?” I WAS. Thanks a lot. There ARE dumb questions. Don’t ask them.

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