Just My Size


clothing sizes I am always confused by the sizes used to label clothing. “One size fits all” is one of my favorites. Get serious. I think the system has progressed now and clothes will be marked “One size fits most”. Still a lie. One size may fit a select few, that’s all. Even when clothes are labeled with a size, couldn’t all of the companies work universally on this? A size 12 jeans in one brand will fit but then I need an 18 for a different brand. S, M and L markings leave a little bit to be desired too. For me, just come out with an H line (for huge) and I will purchase that.

Kids clothes aren’t any better. Either my daughter has an enormously large head or, they need to make the hole much bigger. Then, the arms are so tight, she looks like a body builder. And, what’s the difference between 2T and 24 months?? Shoes are completely frustrating. Again, either my kid has massive feet or these companies need to make something realistic and not something made for a doll.

I despise fitting rooms so I just guess and hope for the best. I am NOT a good guesser. It’s depressing realizing the size you actually are. I should start a clothing line in which something marked size 5 is really a 15. Then, maybe we could feel good about ourselves again.

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