Feeling Puzzled


rubik's cubeThis is the Rubik’s cube as I remember it. Bright colors, simple idea, a fun toy. Of course I was never able to solve it but, at least I felt like it was possible.

cubeThis is the puzzle they are selling at stores now. What the hell happened? Why did we have to “improve” on this? Was it not difficult enough for kids? I guess they are learning things at record speed. Heck, my one year old was playing with my cell phone and sent me an email. I didn’t even own a cell phone until I was in my 20’s. My ten year old knows how to do things on an iPad that I am clueless about. At least I know who to go to for technical assistance. With my kids mastering the technology of the world, it will leave me with more free time to do things like solve that damn Rubik’s cube.

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