Do I Look Like I Eat Low Fat Foods?


low fat   Most of you know I loathe the whole Wal-Mart experience. So, I power through that place as fast as humanly possible. But, I often arrive home only to discover I have been duped once again. In my haste, I end up with products labeled low sodium, lite, no sugar added and reduced calorie. Basically anything that is disgusting, I have purchased. Because I am just grabbing stuff and throwing it in the cart, I am obviously not observant enough. But, why can’t they put those warnings in big bold letters, red in color or better yet, just change the color of the whole packaging. I am looking for the saltiest, sugary, most fattening foods I can find. I don’t have time to browse. After all, I am usually forced to work around some stooge standing in front of the product I want (and they won’t budge for anything). So, I will just continue with my method and either go on a diet (ha,ha) or, wait for the next food drive to unload these items.

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