Hail Me A Cab


cab driver    That’s a picture of my little cutie in the taxi cab cart at the grocery store. Looks like a great time huh? For her, maybe. For me, not so much. Of course our kids are drawn to these monstrosities with the bold colors and designs that are cars, butterflies and so on. I learned quickly to avoid these beasts the next time around.

The problems all started with trying to get my daughter in the fancy cart. I bust my butt to lift her up in there and then discover the seatbelt is broken. So, I have to switch her to the other side. Then, we try to off-road it as I struggle to maneuver the cart through the iced up parking lot and into the store. Once in the store, I can’t steer the damn thing so I am slamming into other people’s carts and knocking products off the shelves. Nobody seemed too impressed. I get to the check-out counter and discover the cart won’t fit through so the box boy drives it all the way around to the other side of the counter for me (all while my daughter is shrieking because she can’t see me anymore). We make it out of the store and back to the car. I get the groceries loaded in the trunk and proceed to get my daughter. Guess what? This seatbelt is broken also! The release button is missing and I try for 10 minutes to unhook it with no luck. I resort to pulling my daughter and her chubby little legs up and out of this death machine. It was a tight squeeze but I was finally able to free her. I wheeled that thing into a snow bank and got out of there. Next time, I am leaving the kid at home or bringing the stroller. No more mad cab rides.

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