Scoop of Poop


chili    Does that picture look like chili to you? Or, more like something an animal pooped out? We took the family out for dinner yesterday and that was the meal I was served (all while the girl visited non-stop with her friend). We watched as she scraped the bottom of the steel container that was left warming all day. Black (and white) crusty, burnt beans were all plopped into the bowl. If you are going to serve that crap, at least top it with some cheese and onions to hide the disgusting slop. I tried to scrape off the hardest stuff but after a couple of bites realized that lovely burnt flavor had taken over the entire bowl. I get it, your job sucks and you don’t care about the customers (most of them are probably nasty anyway). But, it wouldn’t take much to serve something edible. I just wish some employees would take more pride in themselves and their work. That way, my entire dining experience wouldn’t be ruined by animal feces masquerading as chili. Bon Appetit!

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2 thoughts on “Scoop of Poop

  1. It certainly does resemble a poo bowl more than one filled with chili. Yuck. Brave of you to give it the benefit of the doubt, terrible your dinner was ruined, I hope the company at least was pleasant

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