Let’s Eat!


big dinner    Don’t you hate when you are at a wedding reception and the food they serve is something super messy? You know I am going to drip that goop all over my “Sunday best” clothes. Is the catering company in cahoots with the dry cleaning business or something? How about those really fancy dinners with food you have never even heard of before (it doesn’t look too appealing either)? But, you are polite so you do your best. I despise being served something that looks like weeds from my backyard. That is NOT a salad. That is something my daughter would prepare for me (much like mud pies).

I know I should be more cultural and embrace a variety of delicacies. But, I am a fat loving American. I like meat and potatoes and, a heaping plate of them. Serving me small portions on a huge plate doesn’t make me believe I am having a large meal. It just pisses me off.

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