Deals That Can’t Be Beat!


dollar     As consumers, why are we so drawn to dollar stores? We believe it will be such a great savings. Then, we go in for one or two items and come out with $40 worth of junk. I sucker right in too. Next thing you know, I arrive home with batteries that will only last about a week, toilet paper that is dangerously thin and a Barbie doll with a missing arm.

On my last visit, I noticed some items for sale that scared me a little bit. I just don’t know if a bag of meatballs purchased for a buck can provide a mouth-watering meal. Dysentery seems more likely. I also would avoid purchasing any type of vitamins or medication. I am all for a dynamite deal but a bottle of pain killers for a dollar? Seems like something just ain’t right there. How about a pregnancy test for $1? I just can’t trust the dollar store to meet those needs. But, bring on the bobble heads and broken knick knacks. One can never have too many of those…

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