Making Waves


dirty microwave     Unless you enjoy eating a burrito that is scalding hot on the edges and frozen in the middle, the microwave is a pretty useless appliance. If you try to heat up any type of liquid, it boils over (even with that piece of paper towel you draped over the top of the cup). Pasta comes out brick hard on one end of the noodle and soggy on the other. Try thawing out some burger; brown and cooked on the outside, iceberg in the middle. Heating up leftovers? Don’t touch the bowl at the sound of the beep, it will burn the crap out of your fingers. The food however, will still be cold. Don’t even think about anything that comes in a Chef Boyardee can. That orange tinge will never come off the walls and roof of the microwave.

I guess there are a couple of advantages to having a microwave. It does after all serve as a handy kitchen clock and timer. And, we need that shelf to load up with kitchen junk. Maybe John Candy was onto something in Uncle Buck, I should start using the microwave to dry socks and underwear.

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