Gross Things Our Kids Do


nose picking     Whenever someone is grossed out by blood, puke, poop or drool I think geez, just have a kid. You become immune to those things. Kids are great and as parents, we wouldn’t trade them for the world! But, in reality, they are pretty disgusting. Here’s a list of top yuck factors…

They poop in the bathtub: hopefully you only experience this when they are very young and not at 15.

They eat boogers: hey, if they are eating them, at least they aren’t wiping them on the walls and couch.

They scrounge for old food: on the floor, in the seats of the car, in the garbage, anyplace they find a crumb, it will go in their mouths.

They play with their “equipment”: adjusting, relieving a wedgie and scratching an itch are all necessary and kids don’t care where they are when they do it. The mall, the pool, church. Anywhere, anytime.

They play in the toilet: for some reason, the throne is one of the most popular toys. Hopefully, whoever went last didn’t forget to flush.

All parents have been barfed on and peed on at some point, it just comes with the territory. Fortunately, kids are usually adorable as they are committing these gross acts. Take pictures and blackmail later.

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