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musical note    What happened to the missing M in MTV? I realize I am old school but, I enjoyed the videos, news, interviews, anything actually related to MUSIC! Now, I see nothing but reality shows and, bad ones at that. I understand the producers needing to market what sells but then call it something else. That way, I won’t expect to find music on that channel.

The music industry has changed so much. Now, there is a constant battle going on over the rights to these tunes. The old tunes might be worth fighting over. The new ones, not so much. With a few exceptions, the new stuff is often a rendition of an old tune. And not a good rendition. This tune has already been done and done well. Now, snippets of old choruses can be found in new “pop” tunes. My daughter wonders how I know them. I tell her that song is from my day. Suddenly the song isn’t so cool anymore. Well, I may no longer be cool but, at least I have my memories of all those kick-ass video premieres.

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3 thoughts on “Name That Tune

  1. I remember when MTV launched, it was music music and more music the whole day every day. They invented the VJ and made music television cool. I agree that nowadays MTV is not even a shadow of it’s former self. Thank God for Youtube and (if you don’t know this one a tip for “automatic playlist rendering”) I believe making an account there is futile but then again, not needed really 😉

    • oh, almost forgot. just a “did you know this” the first video on MTV was Video killed the radio star by the Buggles and the first video on MTV Europe was Money for Nothing by the Dire Straiits (with of course the famous line “I want my, I want my MTV”)

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