Getting Charged Up


battery     Having children not only means you will hear the pitter-patter of little feet, it also means you will need an endless supply of batteries for their toys. Every one of these toys requires 2 or 3 AA or AAA batteries. Then, they light up, sing, dance, pretty much anything to drive parents crazy. The toys I like come with some sort of volume control. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t included very often. Singing toys will drive you mad! They go off all the time, even when no one is anywhere near them. I hate the dolls that talk. It instantly reminds me of Chucky from Child’s Play (yes, I have seen way too many horror movies). If you have friends with kids, make sure to bring noisy guitars, drums and singing monkeys for the birthday parties. We love it, really.

Because these toys get SO much use, I constantly find myself changing batteries To do this, I use a butter knife. It works for almost any job and is my preferred tool of choice. This drives my husband crazy and sparks a debate. I don’t understand the problem? It might be easier (and less headache-inducing) to not replace the batteries in these machines. But, you have two choices. Fix the toy or, listen to the kid cry about it not working. I guess it is a toss-up.

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