Parking Pleasures


shopping cart     Not only do people suck at driving, they don’t know how the hell to park either! I can’t stand those huge, ugly vehicles taking up two spots with their beastliness. Or, the tiny sports cars taking up two spots because the owner doesn’t want their precious baby getting scratched. It just makes me want to get out my keys. If your vehicle is so important to you, park it in the back of the lot and walk. Oh and also, you need to get out more. It is just a car dude.

Another annoyance is when I think I have finally found a good spot, go to pull in and some moron has left their cart right in the middle of it making it impossible for me to park there. Thanks a lot, jerk! How about those stalkers who are just lurking waiting for someone to pull out? They see me walking to the car and whip around to wait for my spot. Now, I am totally pressured to get my groceries loaded and get out while they watch in disgust. Want this to go faster? Get out and help me. Otherwise, you can wait until I am good and ready. And, here’s my cart.

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