It’s Monday Again!


pouting girl     Today was the first day back to school after Christmas break. The kids did not seem impressed. I watched them wait for the bus this morning. They were moving very slow and all had scowls on their faces (it’s a good thing Santa isn’t watching anymore because there was a lot of pouting going on). Nobody spoke to each other as they waited for the despised bus driver to arrive. When the bus finally appeared, they looked like cattle being prodded to enter the bus. I waved goodbye and breathed a sigh of relief like most other parents. The kids are back in class and we actually get a break from the “feed me, entertain me, feed me” cycle. I bet a lot of parents had big smiles on their faces this morning.

The kids haven’t really done anything in about 3 months. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, parent-teacher conferences, Christmas programs, Christmas break and something they call PIR days (no school for the kids), there has been little time for any actual schoolwork. I often wonder why my daughter has to go at all, we can have a party at home and I wouldn’t have to get my ass up early or make a lunch. Today, I received a notice that the school will be administering a test in a couple of weeks to measure the kids’ educational progress. I can tell you what it is right now, none. Now they will try to cram into two weeks what should have been learned over the last 4 months. I can’t wait to see these results…

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