Picture Perfect


Yearbook   Thank you school pictures for capturing our most awkward moments! Now, we can stare at them forever hanging on the wall at our parents’ house. The braces, the hair, the pimples and the awful clothes will all be remembered when all we really want to do is forget about those days. I always tried to hide my Dumbo ears with my hair. Looking back, that was the least of my problems.

Not much has changed in this picture taking process EXCEPT, the price. Now I have to pay $50 for the horrible backgrounds and the strange poses they put our kids in. My daughter is very beautiful but she always has that “deer in the headlights” look. Couldn’t they do a couple of takes for that price?

I noticed this year that you can choose to have your pictures “enhanced” (for a fee of course). If you elect this option, they will take out imperfections like scars and blemishes. Isn’t that kind of cheating? If I have to endure the torture, my daughter does as well. All her pics are framed and hanging in the hallway. I can’t wait until she starts inviting boys over…

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