Hey Brain, shhh!


alarm clock    It’s 3am and you can’t sleep. You look at the clock and think, If I go to sleep now, I can still get 4 hours. An hour later you think, Ok, 3 hours. Have you ever noticed how much worse everything seems in the middle of the night? It’s like your brain is on overdrive. I go from worrying about lunch money to how we are going to pay for the girls’ college. Before you know it, I am completely hysterical.

I start to watch the tube to distract my thoughts. That doesn’t help much either. Now, I am worrying about those starving kids in Africa and also, realizing how much I need that Total Gym. Watching Chuck Norris do all those exercises has now made me hungry. I decide to get up and have a snack (more like a complete meal). After pigging out, I feel guilty and contemplate that Total Gym again. But, after realizing I can’t afford it (and, just ordering it seems like a lot of work), I finally start to drift off. The bed is warm, the dreams are sweet and “BUZZ” goes the alarm. Here’s to drowsy days…

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