Starting Over


unicorn     Do yourself a favor this year and don’t make a bunch of unreasonable New Year’s Resolutions. You are just setting yourself up for failure and you will feel even worse when you are still fat, still a smoker, still a drinker and so on. If you want to change something, you will. You don’t need a New Year for that. Start small and keep moving forward. If you must make a resolution, keep it to yourself. If you make a big declaration on Facebook, we can all throw it in your face when you fail miserably. Because let’s face it, misery likes company and we couldn’t stick to an exercise routine either. Even writing your list of resolutions can be pretty depressing. You are basically compiling a list of all the stuff you suck at and all the things you do that you shouldn’t. Instead, make a list of goals that might actually be fun. And, if you don’t achieve them, no big deal. My goals are: meet a leprechaun, ride a pink unicorn and win every damn game of “slug bug” that I play. Happy New Year!

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