Selling Stupid


consumers I wish I had enough sense to come up with a completely useless product that would make me millions of dollars. Putting googly eyes on a rock and calling it a “pet”. Why didn’t I think of that?? I guess maybe I was giving consumers too much credit. But, after seeing the snuggie craze where grown adults are wearing a blankie with sleeves, anything goes.

People will buy anything! Antenna balls? Not only did it look stupid, people were paying 5 bucks for those things. What about that damn singing fish? Annoying, redneck and could it possibly fit in with any décor? I know we all love our pets but what’s up with the complete wardrobe for our dog? He looks like an ass and you know all the other pooches are making fun of him. I could understand a sweater for one of those rat looking dogs who has no other means of keeping warm. But, the tutus, rhinestone collars, rain boots and leather jackets have to go. The last ridiculous thing I must mention are Nikes in a size 0-3 months for $50. Does baby really need a new pair of kicks? She doesn’t go anywhere. She can’t even walk. I just can’t justify it.

Maybe I have been going at this all wrong. My time has been spent making other people money when I should have been at home dreaming up the next piece of junk. It’s not too late…Keep your eyes open for great new products in 2015 that you just can’t live without! 😉

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