Out of the Mouths of Babes


embarrassedAs my daughter gets older, I now do things that “embarrass” her. I still want to hug her, kiss her and hold her hand when we walk somewhere. She wants to do things by herself and not be seen getting dropped off at the school by her mother. She rolls her eyes at my music, movies and corny jokes. I may be embarrassing but, let me tell you how this kid has embarrassed me over the years.

We used to live next door to some people who weren’t very clean to say the least. My daughter would play with their daughter outside but I wouldn’t let her go in their house. One day I was pushing my daughter on the swings and the other little girl and her mom joined us. When the little girl asked my daughter how come she never comes over to their house, my daughter announces loudly: “I think it’s because your house stinks like pee and is super messy.” We left the scene shortly after that.

Another time, we were at Wal-Mart with a full cart of groceries. After waiting in a long line, we finally got up to the cashier. The very nice man had some sort of purple and red blotches all over his face. My daughter asks loudly: “What’s wrong with his face?” As I explain we don’t ask that, she says “It’s gross!” and proceeds to hide behind me.

My personal favorite is an incident when we were at the mall getting some lunch after shopping. When I went to pick up the food, I gave her my purse to entertain her. In the two minutes I am gone, she whipped out two tampons and was using them as drumsticks on the table. People were laughing so hard, I joined in too but, I could have died.

I could go on and on with stories like these. So, even if I am embarrassing at times, I feel like I have earned it after some of the stunts she has pulled. I can’t wait until she starts dating. Happy Parenting!

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