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DIYDIY projects, yikes. For some time, I thought DIY was an acronym for some kind of cult. Turns out, it is. Who are the people that can successfully complete these projects? I can’t even make the gingerbread house from the kit bought at the store. After several failed attempts at pretty lamps, furniture, wreaths and centerpieces, I have learned my limitations.

I have always considered myself a pretty crafty person. So, when I see that beautiful picture in the magazine with a headline of “Make it Yourself”, I think, yes! Four hours later and at least $50 shorter, I am sadly disappointed. Now I realize I will actually save money and a lot of time and frustration if I just buy the item at the store. Sure, it’s not homemade or one of a kind, but, at least I still have my sanity.

Can’t they make a DIY project for dummies? I need step by step instructions written for a toddler and some ACTUAL pictures that were taken while making the item so I know if I am on track at all. And contributors, if your ass hasn’t tried making this project yourself, please don’t suggest it for us. We need easy and foolproof. If it isn’t, keep those articles in your snooty mags, Woman’s World is for us simple folk.

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