Montana Misconceptions


MontanaYes, I live in Montana. No, I do not ride a horse nor am I a cowboy. A few of us actually have vehicles now and I am not talking about a tractor. No, I have never had a close encounter with a grizzly bear. I have only seen one the entire time I have lived here. There are more black bears and yes, they are dangerous so don’t feed them and don’t try to pet them. And, when you are trying to capture that Kodak nature moment, run when he starts coming after you.

I have never witnessed a shootout and Indians are not living in teepees. For the record, Indians have lived in houses just like us for some time and not just in Montana. I did not grow up in a cabin with my entire family (that would have caused a shootout). I did not attend a one room schoolhouse. Yes, we do enjoy clean air that we can breathe. Pretty amazing considering all we have are wooden sidewalks and dirt roads. We may live a simpler life than the “city folk” but we are not all married to our cousin with 5 kids that all have “Bob” for a middle name. Yes, we do have airports! Some of us have even left the state and ventured out into that big, scary world.

Montana, “Where is that?” If you don’t know, feel free to stay home. We aren’t THAT friendly. I don’t ask about your stupid state…”Oh, you’re from New York?”,”Is it just like Sex & The City?”,”Have you ever seen a rat?”,”Is your apartment small?” Duh.


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