Dec. 25th!


christmas face Whether you were prepared or not, Christmas has arrived once again. Did you find the time and money to do all of those Martha Stewart Christmas “musts”? If you’re like me, you were just lucky enough to survive. Getting the toys out of the boxes usually involves some serious cussing. What’s with all of those twisty ties and plastic pieces making it impossible to remove the toy? How can I explain at the ER that I need stitches due to a pocket knife injury I suffered trying to free Barbie?

At last, it’s time to sit around all day in our PJs smelling that fabulous turkey cooking and playing with all our new gadgets (or planning our RETURN list for tomorrow). All the hustle and bustle is over and now we can finally relax, right? Oh wait, now it’s back to reality and time to start worrying about those credit card bills, taking DOWN the tree and losing that extra 5 pounds we gained (ok maybe 10). Oh well, for today let’s just be happy and enjoy each other. Merry Christmas!

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