All Grown Up


stick person So, there’s this new trend in Hollywood. Celebrity moms have started wearing their little girls’ clothes. Nicole Richie borrowed her 6 year old daughter’s jacket and posted a pic on Instagram. Apparently, Kim Kardashian and some others are doing the same, squeezing into Hello Kitty jammies and My Little Pony t-shirts. What the hell is wrong with these people? I guess it’s one more way to gain the spotlight for 5 minutes.

I thought our daughters were supposed to raid our closets, not the other way around. Do you just need some more attention for being freaks? This wouldn’t even be possible if they weren’t stick people anyway. If I tried to wear my daughter’s clothes, it would look something like an elephant wearing a corset. I would probably rip her clothes to shreds and that’s just fitting my head in. If you are a grown woman and can wear your 5 year olds’ clothes, there is something wrong with you. Both mentally and physically. If you spot me in a Doc McStuffins bikini top that is meant to be a dress, please get me some help.

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