Spoiled Rotten


rotten egg I think it’s nuts how parents will live vicariously through their children. Dressing your kid like a Barbie doll doesn’t make you any more attractive. Forcing your kid to play baseball doesn’t make you an all-star. Oh, the status quo to maintain. When I see this type of stuff going on I don’t think “Wow, they must have a lot of money and really love their kids.” I actually think “Man, aren’t these people idiots!” It is wonderful to be involved with your kids but let them choose what they want to do and remember to get a life of your own.

If your child is excelling at basketball, cheerleading or singing, that isn’t necessarily a reflection of you. What IS a direct reflection of you and your parenting skills is the behavior of your child. Teach them how to be a team player, how to be a good sport and how to treat others. Instead of compensating for all you screwed up and missed out on, focus on raising good humans, not complete brats.

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  1. You’re right on with this, Jolene. All of my kids have been active in sports sine they were little, and it’s always been their choice. I’m not going to have my heart broken or be disappointed if they don’t play football or volleyball. All I ask is if they committ, then they COMMITT to the team and finish what they start. In regard to parents, I also see a lot of them who are trying to re-live theyr “glory” days through their children; as if they’re child’s success or failure will shine or tarnish their own accomplishments.

    As for me, as long as there’s a snack bar, I’m happy.

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