Call Me A Doctor


doctorSometimes, I long for the days when each family had just one doctor. I am not talking about Little House on the Prairie days when Doc Baker would show up to your house with his little black bag. But, I would appreciate one doctor that would deliver the children and then take care of their boo boo’s and illnesses into adulthood. I would even settle for having just one doctor for a year or two. It’s not a matter of the same person not being there. But, we don’t get to see them because we are graced with a “team” of doctors in our “medical group”. And, they claim they would like us to see as many as possible. Sounds like a pain in the ass to me.

Although a team of doctors sounds nice and maybe even beneficial, it is not. All this means is you have to explain your complete medical history to person after person, over and over. You can never build a relationship with your doctor because that person is constantly changing. I get really irritated and I know I am not friendly. Seriously though, if I have to go to the doctor (and I need to be half dead before I go), this is what it looks like. I arrive on time and then sit in a waiting room for at least 45 minutes listening to kids tantrums and pretending to read Glamour. Then, I get to go to an even tinier room with no magazines and wait another hour while my ass hangs out of the back of my gown. Finally, a doctor will arrive that knows absolutely nothing about me but would like me to explain it ALL to him in the five minutes he has allotted for me. I end up getting so pissed, I usually don’t even get the problem solved. I just want to get home. Here’s hoping for a healthy winter!

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