Checkout Promise


walmart Wal-Mart has made the top of my shit list. Yes, again. I tried to remain festive the last time I was there. It was hard with all of the scowling faces, including the bell ringer at the red can out front. I picked up one last electronic item for a Christmas gift for my husband. I was told by the 12 year old at the counter that I had to pay for it up front, checkstand 15. I told him I had some other shopping to do as well. He said, “Well whatever, but you can pay for it all at that checkstand.” Ok, so I proceed on and load up my cart with some more presents, stocking stuffers and all of the trimmings for the Christmas feast. Then, I proceed to my assigned lane to pay.

Upon arrival, I notice that there are only 3 lanes open and the lines are literally out to the front doors. I get in line and see that my lane is for 20 items or less. Several other people have full carts and I want my electronic item, so I remain. Big mistake. The dirty stares I was getting from those behind me practically burned a hole in my head. They glared at me like I was the Antichrist. Then, the man behind me asks another customer, “Do you think she can read?” I unbelievably said nothing and stood my ground.

When it was finally my turn, enraged shoppers watched me pile my items onto the belt as I feared for my life. The clerk asked, “How are you?” I said, “Well, I’ve been better, these people want to kill me!” She chuckled and rang up my items including the sacred one that could be paid for nowhere else. I threw everything in the cart and made a run for it. As I get to the front door, I see the sign above. I had to take a picture. “More open checkout lanes than ever”. Screw you Wal-Mart.

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