There’s an App for That!


monkey 2     Don’t you think SMARTphones have made us really DUMB? I’m glad the phone has evolved while I have practically turned into a monkey. Now, I can’t even call my own mother if I don’t have my phone because I don’t actually know anybody’s phone number anymore. We rely on these phones for everything and are lost without them. We have all experienced that moment of utter panic until we find that damn thing lodged between the couch cushions.

How would we ever get anywhere without our phones? We have come to rely on directions every step of the way from point A to point B. If there happens to be a road closed or a detour due to road construction, again, utter panic. Do I even need to mention the fact that we can’t spell anymore? Don’t need to, the phone will handle it. That’s great until autocorrect changes “Thanks for the new shirt!” into “Thanks for the new shit!” and you send that to grandma. Actually, that’s probably ok. She doesn’t know how to turn the phone on anyway.

What about human interaction (I know, it’s overrated). But, now it is becoming non-existent. I can almost see the many happy families sitting down for a feast this Christmas season. Then, they all get on their phone to text the person next to them to tell them about it. “Did you see that beautiful centerpiece?” Yes! I am sitting right here. Talk to me!

The scene at any concert or event these days also drives me nuts. Thousands of people watching the concert through a tiny lens so they can share the blurry pic with all of us on Facebook. Boy, am I jealous now.

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