The Gift of Giving


christmas shopperOnly a few days left to get that Christmas shopping done! It always brings out the Grinch in me. It’s not that I’m cheap, but when did these Christmas lists become so extravagant? A PS4, and iPad and a new iPhone. What happened to a new Nerf gun and a doll that opens and closes her eyes? I remember kids getting oranges and apples in their stockings and thinking it was pretty cool. A dark cloud hangs over the department store as the shoppers bury themselves in debt. Watch out for that old lady in aisle 7. She looks sweet and innocent but she will knock you out for the last “potty time” Elmo.

Have you noticed it’s not just about the gifts either? Packaging matters. We used to wrap presents in the Sunday funnies. Now, I need a gift bag ($7), tissue paper ($5) and the perfect sentimental card ($6). So, I am into this $18 already and I haven’t even found the dumb gift yet. Maybe gift cards are impersonal. But, at least Aunt Jenny can get what she wants instead of the terrycloth robe that I think she needs.

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