Progress Report


report cardRemember when a report card actually had these things written on it called grades? A, B, C, D and of course the dreaded F. I just received my daughter’s report card and was thoroughly confused. Not only were there no grades to be found, there were 5 pages of nonsense about competency and developmental standards. It took me an hour to read and in the end, I am still not really sure what the hell it said. My daughter asked me how she did? Good, I guess?? There are no GRADES!?

What’s the point when nobody can flunk anyway? To be the most “developed” person in your class? Now, there’s some motivation. We need grades to accurately measure our child’s progress. We need the motivation of not flunking and the encouragement to achieve those high grades as well. I guess it’s hard to grade kids that spend most of their time playing games and making stuff out of popsicle sticks. Who can get that wrong? Don’t ask.

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