Lend an Ear


men and womenHere is just one of about 5 billion examples of why men and women don’t get along. Let’s say a woman has a real shitty day at work. One of her co-workers has stolen her ideas, used them as her own and was awarded an undeserved promotion. The woman is now outraged at how she has been wronged (we are talking vein popping out of the forehead pissed). There are two individuals she usually turns to for comfort. One is her best friend, the other is her boyfriend/husband. She will receive two very different responses.

When she talks to her best friend, her friend will tell her how sorry she is, agree that it was bullshit and then try to pump her back up. Next, they will make fun of that nasty co-worker and talk about her bad teeth and hair and comment about how she was probably sleeping with the boss anyway. When the woman tries to talk to her man, he will become outraged. He wants to go down there and start telling people off or punching someone in the face. Maybe you should quit your job, maybe you could even sue the company. He is taking action. He wants to SOLVE the problem. He doesn’t understand that this behavior upsets the woman even more. We just want someone to LISTEN, that’s all. If you could tell us how much smarter and prettier we are than that girl who stole our job, that will help too.


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