The Rat Race


flipping burgersWORK, they don’t call it that because it’s a day at the beach. But, even before you land the job of your nightmares, you get to endure the torture of the “application process”. Ever filled out 5 pages of nonsense for a part-time job flipping burgers only to find out 200 other people also applied? Then, you receive a letter stating someone else “more closely fits their needs”. It is ego crushing. But hey, they wish you good luck in your employment search. Thanks! I’m going to need it if I am not even the most qualified person to serve roadkill.

I was always told that your resume should only be 1 page because nobody will look beyond that anyway. Now, I am told I need something called a CV that tells my life story. They couldn’t be bothered to read one page but now they want an autobiography? I’m old. My work history spans several years. But, I don’t mind digging up phone numbers and addresses from 15 years ago. It’s fun, really. And, I’m sure the same person is sitting there waiting to tell you all about me. Ha, Ha. There are probably some people who have this process mastered. I hope employers realize that even a serial killer can look good on paper. He’s probably the one who landed the burger flipping gig.


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