Star Struck


star struck Isn’t it strange how obsessed with celebrities we have become? Fortunately, I am bombarded with emails informing me of the latest, greatest in what’s happening. Amanda Bynes is in the looney bin again, Brad Pitt had a bad hair day and, surprise! Miley Cyrus isn’t wearing any clothes. Why do people care about any of this crap? These aren’t our friends, they are random people in the world.

Everyone is always complaining about how much money musicians, actors and athletes make and the special attention they receive. Then stop giving it to them! We are the ones creating these monsters. Stop spending insane amounts of money on tickets, merchandise and memorabilia. Stop giving 3 million likes to the fb post that reports Jennifer Aniston just had brunch with a monkey (I don’t know if that happened but it sounds about right). If we keep putting these people on a pedestal and supporting outrageous demands then yes, firemen, policemen and nurses will always make less than them.


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