Lost in the Numbers


mathR.I.P. to math as we know it (or at least as I knew it). It’s numbers. How the hell do you screw that up? Well, they have found a way and they are teaching it to our youth. It’s something called “reform math” and I find it completely ridiculous. But, if there is to be any hope of helping my daughter with her homework, then I have to REFORM. I don’t like it.

It’s true, I don’t care to change my ways. But, this is math. Who ever thought that would change?? When I was a kid it was called Math. There is one way to do it, one right answer. So, go sit at your desk and do it! Now, it is all of these extra columns, subtracting by counting up and drawing out endless boxes. We used to memorize our times tables. Now, that is apparently not necessary because we can draw a picture. This new “inquiry based” math is supposed to answer the question of why? When did “Because I said so” become an unacceptable answer?

One thought on “Lost in the Numbers

  1. Beth Gover

    I so agree I hate trying to help my kids with math homework, of course the teachers offer to teach the parents how to do this reform math so we can help our children in my eyes math is math and as long as you get the right answer it should not matter how you got there

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