To Be PC or Not To Be?


ha haTo be politically correct. Should that be everyone’s ultimate goal? It’s silly how sensitive the world has become. You can’t say or do anything without someone’s feelings getting hurt. Life is funny, people are funny and YOU are funny. So, go ahead and laugh at yourself! Life will be much more enjoyable if you don’t have your panties in a bunch all of the time. I seem to laugh at “inappropriate” times. Well, I think it’s funny If I see people fall down. I mean, unless a hip is busted, we can laugh at it right?

I suffered a frightening experience last week. We got some family pictures taken and after seeing the results, I realized that my ass has taken on a Kardashian personality of its own. Now, I could cry and start some new trendy diet in which I have to starve myself or, I can laugh it off (or claim bad photography). Forget sexy, let’s bring back a sense of humor! Because, life without it is fairly miserable.

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