Who Knew?


consumer alert “Caution, I’m Hot”. This is what it actually says on McDonald’s coffee cups (I know, big lawsuit in the 90’s). Well, no shit! Isn’t that how coffee is usually served?? Sleeping pills we are warned “May cause drowsiness”. Really? The bottle of window cleaner cautions us “Do Not Ingest”. Damn, just when I was craving a tall, cool glass of Windex. I always wonder who these people are who need warnings like this? Duh!

I get it, companies are trying to save their asses. But, what the hell is wrong with consumers? Shouldn’t we be held accountable for using our brains? You know coffee is hot and you know you shouldn’t drink antifreeze. Don’t be a dumbass. And, if you choose to do something ridiculous like eat paint, then that’s your bad.

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