Let’s Party!


school party  It sure is getting expensive to be a fourth grader these days. I’m not talking about the skinny jeans and the hoodies either. I’m just referring to the endless parties and activities. Every week there are 2 or 3 money sucking events that they get the kids all riled up about. I am all for supporting my kids’ education but public school is breaking the bank.

It’s picture day ($50), pizza night ($40), book club ($30), field trip time ($40), someone’s birthday ($20), a school program ($40), or time for more lunch money ($30). I really can’t take it. They have a party for everything and it’s always play time. Where is the math, reading or social studies? I am glad we are teaching our kids to be social butterflies, but, can’t we move on to a new lesson? Should I be concerned that my daughter’s 4th grade teacher can’t spell fourth? I guess you can’t really blame her. With all of these fun things going on, who has time for a spelling lesson?

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