Getting Festive


pumpkin suburbiaChristmas is less than 3 weeks away! What does that mean? It means, you should throw away the rotten pumpkins still sitting on your front porch. I love all holidays and I love to decorate. Whether you take the time to decorate is totally up to you. But, if you do put up decorations, when the holiday has passed, take that shit down.

The latest thing I have seen is putting Frosty up next to the stank pumpkins that haven’t been removed. Or, the nativity scene sitting by the tombstones¬† that didn’t get taken down. Baby Jesus isn’t into that. Show some respect! It’s great to get into the festivities but we don’t want to stare at your Easter bunny inflatable for a year and a half. It is totally redneck. Nothing says trailer trash in suburbia like a Santa illuminating the front yard in the middle of June. If you are too lazy to take down the decorations, no problem. Just don’t put them out in the first place.

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