Beating Boredom!


boredom “I am SO bored!” I am always baffled by the individuals who claim complete boredom. Are you 4 years old? That’s really one of the only times in your life when there is nothing to do (although, they come up with fun stuff like catching snowflakes on their tongues). There are always things that you COULD do and some things you probably SHOULD do. There is just nothing that you really WANT to do. That, I completely understand.

The things we don’t want to do usually consist of dusting, mopping, laundry, vacuuming and yada, yada, yada. But, you could take part in some less energetic activities like reading a good book, playing a game or even starting a new blog! If you are feeling more ambitious, you could learn a new recipe, try a DIY project or start a new workout (I know, right?). Imagine the possibilities if you got off your butt and left the house! Even without money, you could take a walk to the park, fly a kite or play Frisbee (if you have a friend; otherwise, I guess maybe a boomerang for you). So, don’t be bored, be imaginative! If a 4 year old can find some entertainment in life, we should too.

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