Flipping The Bird


road ragePeople drive me crazy! Don’t you just love when someone bashes into you with their cart at the store? Then, they will give you a crusty look like you did something wrong. How about when you are trying to walk across the street and nobody will stop for you? They all pretend they don’t see you or worse yet, try to hit you with a puddle. What about the battle for the last parking spot at the mall (ok, not the last one, but the last one within a mile of the front doors)? I end up walking the mile with two kids while some 15 yr. old gets the good spot.

It’s a tough thing trying to battle your road rage when you have kids riding in the car. But, when some idiot cuts me off and about runs us off the road, I feel obligated to give them the bird. So, I roll down the window and try to discretely pass my message along. If it’s just too cold to roll down the window (as it has been lately with below zero temps), I try to do the “side of the head” flip-off technique. Sure, sometimes I get busted. In that case, I tell my daughter that I am just waving. I think she may be on to me. Today, she asked me why I would wave at such a rude person. As long as morons keep crossing my path, I will keep on waving.

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