What’s My Age Again?


old ladyGetting older isn’t much fun. I now find myself starting many sentences with “I remember when…”. Pointing out that I was alive when gas was 99 cents or a candy bar was 45 cents just proves to kids what a “geezer” I am. I used to think people my age were half dead. Now, some days I feel like it.

I often go into a room and forget why I am there. I start conversations and forget what the hell my point was. I put things away, never to be found again! And, what’s up with the weather making my joints hurt? I thought that was an old wives’ tale until I felt the pain for myself. My brain makes big plans for a day’s accomplishments, my body tells me otherwise. If I push it too far, my back will hurt to the point I can hardly move. What happened? Damn you old age! Stop chasing me!

I am not ready for the nursing home just yet. My kids, my music and my stubbornness will keep me moving and fighting the battle. If that doesn’t work, there is always ibuprofen and heating pads.

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